Our Visit to Caturday Cat Cafe

August 27th, 2015

After our successful trip to Purr Cat Cafe Club we knew we needed to get another cat cafe experience under our belts so we did a bit of research, found one close to public transportation, and chose a day. We could tell from looking at photos online that we were in for a different experience than Purr. Purr was very posh and quiet and overall was really relaxing. Caturday was a different story from the very beginning.

When we arrived to Caturday there was a crowd of people sitting outside. We walked to the front door and a woman with a clipboard added our names to a list. We could see through the windows of the cafe and it looked really crowded. Since we had no other option we sat down outside the cafe and waited for our names to be called. Slowly people came out and people that had been …

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Our Visit to Purr Cat Cafe Club

August 24th, 2015

When we visited Thailand in December of 2014 we had already heard of cat cafes but had never had the opportunity to go to one. When we arrived and discovered that Thailand was loaded with them we were anxious to go as soon as we could. We decided that the perfect way to spend Christmas day would be at a cat cafe and we were completely right in our decision. Not having any point of reference for what to expect, we were very curious to see what it was like.

As soon as we walked in the door the mood was very calm and quiet. There was an attendant in the entry that had us remove our shoes and put on leather slippers. We were then asked to wash our hands and then we could enter the lounge. The lounge was fairly small but the bright light coming through the windows …

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