We are only allowing one group into the lounge at a time to limit possible exposure to COVID. Masks are required in the cafe and lounge. Groups can be 1-10 people. Reservations are required and are for 50 minutes. Staff then cleans the room before the next group arrives. 

Guest safety: We ask that any guests experiencing symptoms related to COVID please stay home and reschedule your visit to Mauhaus. We offer curbside pickup if you would like a drink or snack, you can also order through Uber Eats for delivery. Masks are required inside Mauhaus at all times. Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the space. 

Staff safety: Staff will be wearing masks at all times as well as washing/sanitizing their hands frequently. Any staff member who is exhibiting symptoms or may have come into contact with someone experiencing symptoms is asked to quarantine for 2 weeks before returning to work. 

Cat safety: COVID transmission to animals is still being studied, however evidence suggests that it is possible to pass COVID to your pets. Before entering the lounge guests and staff are asked to sanitize their hands to reduce transmission, additional hand sanitizer is available in the lounge. Cat health is monitored closely and any small symptom is taken very seriously with an immediate visit to the vet.

Are you still open?

We are currently open Thursdays from 9am-2pm and Fridays-Sundays from 9am-6pm. We are adjusting our hours as necessary so please check our website or social media for any pending changes. 

Reservations are currently required to go into the cat lounge. Reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance. Visit https://mauhauscafe.com/group-visits/ to schedule your visit. 

Reservation cost: Reservations to the lounge are currently for groups only. They are $10 per person and require a minimum $50 spend. If you would like to come with a smaller group you are more than welcome to, but the minimum will still be applied.

At this time we are not allowing walk-ins. The cafe is always open, but reservations are required for the lounge.

Delivery or curbside: You can order delivery via Uber Eats and if you would like curbside pickup please call us at 314-384-2287 and we will help you with your order. 

Gift Certificates: Gift certificates are available for sale in the store. They are sold in $10 or $25 increments and can be used online to make reservations, or in store.

Why can’t I pick up the cats?

  • Not all cats want to be picked up and we respect their needs. We also get hundreds of visitors every weekend, and if everyone picked up a cat during their visit the cats would be very agitated from all of the handling. It’s safest for all parties to not pick them up. It’s best to let them go about their business and if they choose to sit on your lap consider yourself very lucky.

How does the adoption process work?

  • We are partnered with Stray Haven Rescue. If you are interested in a cat you meet at Mauhaus you will submit an application to Stray Haven. Once approved you will come back to Mauhaus for an interview to make sure that this is the best cat for you. After the interview you will pick a date to take your new family member home. We don’t do same day adoptions because adopting a cat is a serious decision and taking time helps everyone involved to make sure this will be a forever home.

Can I bring treats for the cats?

  • We manage the cats diets carefully so while we appreciate the thought we prefer not to give them outside snacks.

Can I surrender a cat to you?

  • No. We are not a shelter and do not take cat surrenders. We work closely with Stray Haven Rescue to select each cat that comes to Mauhaus. All cats at Mauhaus go through a process to ensure they are healthy and ready for the public. If you have questions about surrendering a cat please visit Stray Haven Rescue.

I would like to donate something to the cats.

  • All of our cats come from Stray Haven Rescue. If you’d like to make a monetary donation we request that you send money their way as they are a volunteer non profit and could use any help you’d like to give. If you have physical goods you’d like to donate here is a list of acceptable items:
    • Clumping litter
    • Unopened / new toys
    • Unopened / new cat beds
    • New / lightly used cat trees or furniture
    • Books about cats
    • Unopened cat treats