Reservations to spend time in the cafe are highly encouraged. We do allow walk-ins, but it’s likely that you will have to wait for a spot to open up.  Walk ins can spend $5 for a half an hour or $10 for an hour. A reservation ensures that there will be a spot waiting for you!

There is a $10* per person reservation fee that gets you an hour in the lounge. It helps us cover the cost of maintaining the cat lounge and caring for the cats. As a bonus, you will get a complimentary beverage (drip coffee, tea, or juice) and 25% off any food or additional beverages purchased. *Taxes and fees apply.

Our space is small, so groups of 8 or larger are encouraged to book a private party. View more information on private parties here.

Children 12 and under are $5 and get a non-coffee beverage. ***THERE IS A LIMIT OF 2 CHILDREN PER EVERY 1 ADULT GUARDIAN IN THE LOUNGE.***

You may cancel or make changes to your reservation up to one day prior. If you do not show up for your reservation, the fee will not be refunded.

Please arrive on time. Guests arriving more than 15 minutes late will lose their reservation in the lounge and will have to move to the end of the waitlist.

We try not to strictly enforce the 1 hour time limit. We don’t want you to feel rushed, and sometimes you just need a few more minutes with that cat on your lap. However, we appreciate your awareness of your time, and that there may be other reservations waiting. If there aren’t others waiting, you can stay longer (just ask the lounge assistant on duty)

Rules and Waiver

All guests in the lounge must agree to follow the lounge rules and must sign a waiver. You may review the waiver here.

Rules of Conduct in the Lounge:

  • When entering the lounge only 1 door can be open at a time
  • Any person under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • No more than 2 children per each adult
  • Do not pick up cats
  • You may pet a sleeping cat but do not wake them to engage in play
  • Keep your volume low
  • Never feed the cats human food, it can hurt them
  • Be respectful


The lounge is available to rent for private events. We have a variety of party options from open coffee bar, open coffee bar + sweets buffet, to open coffee bar + sweets + savory buffet. Our kitchen manager will work with you to determine what the best option is for your event. Capacity in the lounge is 20 people at a time. There is a limit of 2 children per every 1 adult guardian in the lounge. Standard rules apply.

2 hour open coffee bar $350
2 hour open coffee bar, sweets $425
2 hour open coffee bar, full spread (sweets & savory) $500

Inquire about booking a private party here.